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We are committed to giving our guests a "5 Star" experience every single time
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We want you and our guest to have a great experience.
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What we do

We are committed to giving our guests a “5 Star” experience every single time, to this end we make sure that the property is spotless and well presented at all times. After each and every stay the property is professionally cleaned, keeping it looking great. We also take care of any minor maintenance issues such as a broken light bulb or loose cupboard door etc. No point bothering you with minor headaches and expenses.

We screen all our guest to make sure they have stayed in AirBnB before and have multiple 5-star reviews. We make sure they have ID checks and are the right fit for our guests in your property. We will also check your property after every stay (Not every 6 months like a property manager). We have a strict NoParty, No Smoking, No Pets policy which must be complied with.

Your rent will be paid on time every time, we have never missed a payment and we have never broken a lease. If your property is furnished a long-term tenant will use your washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, dryer, TV, Kettle etc almost daily with a lot of wear and tear. A typical AirBnB guest rarely uses these amenities and most of our guests never do, meaning they will last much longer. A great added plus for getting much more out of your furnished property.